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Hi Squirrels

If we are self-isolating, we must keep working during term time, so please try to keep to a normal timetable - work from 9am - 1030, then 1050 - 1245. Have lunch until 1.30, then work until 3pm....time will pass quickly and, let's face it, by 3pm - you've still got ages to do what you want to do!!! 

Try to do some of these activities....

  • Read every day x2 20 minutes+ at a time & add to reading log
  • Learn your spellings - write them in sentences to show understanding
  • Times tables & their inverses - Download 'Push the Button' to help.
  • Learn to tell the time and play some money games
  • Watch Newsround on CBBC and find out about the latest news
  • For PE / Sport...
    • Practise keepie uppies with a ball
    • Use a tennis racket & keep the ball bouncing. 
    • Run as far as you can in 30 seconds, or non-stop for 5 minutes (safely!!)
    • Go on a bike ride (with someone) safely!
  • Research about our topic - Rainforests! 
    • Draw & research animals found there
    • Find where Rainforests are located in the world
    • Research about the water cycle
    • Research about deforestation and sustainability 
  • Oak National Academy - log onto this (find on internet)
    • Select your Year group (3 or 4)
    • Choose Maths - a lesson we are currently lerning about - place value, fractions etc...
    • Choose English - a lesson about non-chronological report writing & prepare to write one yourself about anything you would like to! A Sport, a Country, Farming, Horses, Animals, is up to you, but your challenge is to write a report to teach me about something!

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